Skype anyone?

I think I’ve heard about Skype from more people than there are in China. I’ve finally decided to download and try it out.

Cross-platform – nice.

RPM package is available for Fedora Core 3, which worked just fine on Fedora Core 4 – nice.

I don’t have not even a single microphone – not nice.

Even if I had, talking would have been difficult most times (office people or kid shouting or sleeping at home) – not nice.

Possibility to call regular/mobile phones from the computer for an extremely low price – nice.

Chat is built-in – nice.

User identification is based on nicknames, not emails (which change) or ugly long numbers (which are impossible to remember) – nice. (My nickname is mamchenkov, by the way).

Without any contacts and without microphone, I can’t really check the functionality or the interface thoroughly.

Do any of you, guys, use Skype? How do I contact you?

16 thoughts on “Skype anyone?”

  1. Sergey,

    1. I had only negative experiences with Jabber so far. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe that will change.

    2. Jabber, AFAIK, does not support any voice messages even between two clients, not to mention conferencing with a mix of regular phones. (hint: not everyone can type as fast as they can talk)

    3. Jabber has no cool gadgets, as does Skype. (try making my wife type in Russian, instead of talking on a phone-like appliance, and you’ll know what I mean)

    4. I don’t think I’ll trust Google with my IM. While I do trust ICQ and other commercial companies with my IM data, Google is the only smart enough company to actually do something with the data I’m providing.

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