My mobile is disconnected

I was very surprised to find out that outgoing calls from my mobile stopped working from today’s morning. I thought that maybe CYTA has a problem again or something. Usually, when they disconnect the phone for unset bills, they play a message saying so every time the call is attempted. I was just getting a busy signal and call dropped.

I waited half a day, moved around between cells, but still nothing. I than asked a couple of people if they had the same problem. Noone of them did. And indeed my wife’s mobile worked properly. So I moved my SIM card to her phone and tried calling. Nope. Didn’t work. I then called CYTA (fault reports number is 8000-0197, not 197 as they advertise) and they told me that the phone was disconnected because of unset bills.

That got me totally confused since my phone bill is payed via standing order by the bank. Automatically. I checked my account balance and sure enough I had funds available. So I proceeded calling the bank and asking them if the standing order had expired or something like that. In the end, it turned out be my mistake – I had a huge withdrawal which practically nullified my account until the next incoming money transfer two days ago. And, in complience with Muphy’s law, my phone bill came exactly in that time. No money – no bills paid – no phone services.

I’ll have to pass by the CYTA’s office with some cash tomorrow morning and pay it using the old way. I guess there will be a whole bunch of people like myself. Heh.

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