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Skype anyone?

I think I’ve heard about Skype from more people than there are in China. I’ve finally decided to download and try it out.

Cross-platform – nice.

RPM package is available for Fedora Core 3, which worked just fine on Fedora Core 4 – nice.

I don’t have not even a single microphone – not nice.

Even if I had, talking would have been difficult most times (office people or kid shouting or sleeping at home) – not nice.

Possibility to call regular/mobile phones from the computer for an extremely low price – nice.

Chat is built-in – nice.

User identification is based on nicknames, not emails (which change) or ugly long numbers (which are impossible to remember) – nice. (My nickname is mamchenkov, by the way).

Without any contacts and without microphone, I can’t really check the functionality or the interface thoroughly.

Do any of you, guys, use Skype? How do I contact you?

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