iPod got it wrong

Let me say this once – I’ve never had an iPod and I’ll probably never have one. I appreciate the fact that some people find it convenient, modern, groovy, stylish, fashionable, and whatnot. But for me it brings nothing new, so I’ll just stay to my own set of gadgets.

Looking at how many people gladly use iPods on a daily basis and praise it as the best thing since sliced bread, I feel like bringing in this negative comment. Even without using iPod once, I can point out to one thing that is so very wrong with it. And that is:

Meters of wires.

C’mon people! It’s the 21 century. Wireless communications are blooming. Technology is making yet another circle to become even smaller. Why is it that the coolest and newest gadget has two meters of wires a piece? It is inconvienient, looks terrible, and plain dangerous. Haven’t we already learned this lesson with headphones for cell phones? Apparently, we didn’t.

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  1. These wires are not the biggest issue. Bigger problem I see is that u can not change battery by yourself if its damaged or whatever – u need to send it back. Funny. A friend of mine bought one with pictures an movies feature. It looks pretty nice. Works as a storage too. Its not the worst gadget if u ask.

  2. Wait, does your smartphone with bluetooth provide you a decent quality stereo sound wirelessly? And if yes, how often do you recharge batteries on your wireless hi-fi headphones?

  3. May I ask stupid question? What is ipod?

    I have heard it stores music. But there is mp3 players. They are much smaller and they really provide good quality stereo sound. If they not, change headphones. So, why we need ipod?

  4. Alexey,

    I don’t have wireless headphones. Yet. But there are multitude of options. I can choose both wired and wireless phones. But my smartphone can do a billion of other things ALSO, that iPod just can’t.

  5. Grigory,

    iPod is essentially an mp3 player with a large hard disk. You can also use it is a file storage for pictures or movies, but from what I get the overall functionality is pretty limited.

  6. Thanks Leonid.

    I think high capacity of ipod is not worth larger size. Functionality is very limited comparing with smartphone/PDA. Price almost the same. So, I agree smartphone/PDA is better.

  7. I heard iPods can’t play MP3s, only Apple proprietary format, that’s the wierdest thing about it.

    And I am still not sure that a smartphone can provide a CD quality sound wirelessly via bluetooth.

  8. Alexey,

    I’ve heard about mp3s on iPods. Maybe there is some hack to play them – I don’t know.

    And about smart phones – even if you don’t have the good quality via wireless phones, you can use the wired headphones. The point is that while listening to music, you can also do so many things with the smart phone that you can’t with iPod – check your email, browse the web, play games, chat in ICQ/IRC/etc, read an ebook, shoot pictures, and so on and so forth…

  9. I have an iPod so I may be biased.

    The only thing I use my iPod is for music. It also has a Calendar, and Contacts but I just don’t use it that way. New Color iPods also have picture and movie playback capabilities.

    An iPod plays mp3 format and mp4 (Apples fair trade) i.e. music bought from the apple store.

    My iPods battery life goes for 1.5 days approximately and I don’t usually switch it off.

    What I like about my iPod.

    I use iTunes for all my music library so when I sync it to my iPod all my playlists are just there.
    It’s very easy to use, the interface it’s a simple as it gets. And I can navigate it from within my pocket because all it has is a scroll wheel that you do everything.

    What I don’t like about an iPod.

    It only syncs with iTunes and there is not Linux version of iTunes. There is a hack that you can sync it with Linux but I want iTunes on Linux.

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