iPod problem. Logitech solution.

I love coincedences. It was just a couple of days ago that I wrote how much I hate the headphone wires that come with iPod. Today I am looking through the list of new items at Think Geek, and guess what I see –

Logitech Wireless iPod Headphones

Probably there are other options available on the market too…

iPod did some good too

I am trying my best to be objective and open minded. I am not always good at it, but at least I’m trying. The other day I wrote a somewhat negative post about iPod. Ok, and a few negative comments too.

Because I try to stay open minded and because I don’t want to become an always complaining gramp, I try to find positive sides too. I thought about the iPod issue a bit and I think that obviously there is a good thing about it too. And not just some theoretical crapy good thing that is good for some abstract iPod user, but a really good thing for me and you.

iPod hype has increased the popularity of podcasting.

What good is in podcasting? Well, I happen to think that podcasting is a good idea by itself. It is one of those applications that make Internet more popular with the masses. And that’s a good thing. Podcasting, in turn, increased the popularity and common knowledge of such modern technologies as feeding (RSS and Atom) and audio compression (mp3 and ogg). That’s another good thing.

So, with iPod, as with any other thing there is good stuff and there is bad stuff. I found both. Now is your turn.

iPod got it wrong

Let me say this once – I’ve never had an iPod and I’ll probably never have one. I appreciate the fact that some people find it convenient, modern, groovy, stylish, fashionable, and whatnot. But for me it brings nothing new, so I’ll just stay to my own set of gadgets.

Looking at how many people gladly use iPods on a daily basis and praise it as the best thing since sliced bread, I feel like bringing in this negative comment. Even without using iPod once, I can point out to one thing that is so very wrong with it. And that is:

Meters of wires.

C’mon people! It’s the 21 century. Wireless communications are blooming. Technology is making yet another circle to become even smaller. Why is it that the coolest and newest gadget has two meters of wires a piece? It is inconvienient, looks terrible, and plain dangerous. Haven’t we already learned this lesson with headphones for cell phones? Apparently, we didn’t.