Doors aren’t closed anymore

Maxim and the plastic hat

Today marks the new milestone in Maxim’s development – open doors. He had a lot of interest in the subject for some time now, but he never managed to do it completely. He was just knocking on the doors, licking them, banging them, etc. Today, for the first time, he opened the door for the case where my DVD’s are and went to look INSIDE! It’s a good thing that we caught him early in the process.

We are off to investigate door locks…

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P.S.: Today’s pictures of Maxim don’t have anything to do with doors, but they are still pretty amuzing.

The presents are here!


Finally I got myself on the package! It came pretty fast, compared to other orders that I did from the states. Bravo B&H!

128 MByte Memory Stick Duo was tossed to the side for a bit. My primary interest was the Tamron lens. I took it out of the package and gave it a good look. A bit larger than I expected. A bit heavier. Much wider. The 67mm diameter make it look like a freaking bazuka. I wonder how people would react to it. On one hand they might get scared by it. On the other they might consider me a professional, which I am, of course, not. We’ll see.

One thing I liked about this thing from the first sight was the hood. It had this nice form that usually appears on the pro-lenses, not a full body amateur ring. But the best thing about it, is that there are two ways to attach the hood to the lens. One is the normal way. And another one – is the reverse attachment. This is extremely convenient for carrying the hood around without using it and without putting it into the bag or pocket. Hard to lose too.

Since noone was at home, I started shooting random things like fan and my own face. Pictures came out pretty good. Not as good as from my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, but good enough. I’m happy. For the next few days, all pictures that you’ll see posted here will be taken with this lens. I have to teach myself how to use it properly.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-11-30_POTD/

Hellenic Bank – they did it!

Hellenic Bank has been one of the best banks on the island for some time now. The difference between all of them is very small, but in this case, that’s what makes it more noticable.

One of the reasons that I switched to Hellenic Bank was that their Internet Banking website was working in Mozilla Firefox. And not only it was working, it was almost perfect – all operations were available and there was no need for a Java plugin or anything like that.

A minor annoyence existed though. Main menu was a little bit screwed up and didn’t show completely. It was possible to see it by clicking the little menu frame and either selecting text in there, or using the scoll mouse. Not very comfortable, but at least it worked.

Last week Hellenic Bank finally fixed the issue. Now everything looks and works perfect. More reasons, therefor, to stay with them in the coming year.

If I was to pick a feature that I miss the most, it would be the SMS notification for the change of account balance. Currently I can only setup alerts which will notify me if account balance goes above or beyond a certain amount. But what I want to have is an SMS when something changes at all. Other banks have it and I don’t see any reasons why Hellenic Bank can’t have too.

Anyway, I am still pretty pleased with their service.

Daily bookmarks

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Work for Google. Again.

You gonna love this one, I promise.

Just when I thought that my chances to work for Google were all used up, I received another email from them. It comes from a recruiter – a different one this time. The content of email is pretty much the same as the one I got the first time.

They make a suggestion for three job positions that they see me fit. They ask me if I will be willing to work for them. And they offer a choice of locations, including the one in Dublin, Ireland that I think I like so much.

I am sitting here, scratching my head, thinking what to do. On one hand, I tried and failed and this second email is caused by some sort of synchronization error between recruiters. On the other hand, they never replied to my email about the minimum period between applications.

I think I’ll repy. I’ll tell them that I tried and failed. And I will ask them if they will mind too much another attempt on my side. If they won’t – I’ll study harder (yeah, right) and try again. If the will – oh, well – I had my chance.