Standing upright

Standing upright

Once again I will allow myself the amazement about the speed with which Maxim is learning. It seemed that only about a week ago he was trying to make an attempt at standing and it was taking his complete concentration. All his muscles were working and he was breathing heavily after a mere twenty seconds of trying. Today though he looks like he was born standing. He can get himself up from a sitting position in under two seconds. He falls rarely. He turns around while standing. He uses only one hand to hold himself. He can stand on one foot while waving another in kicking things all around him. He can stand for 10-15 minutes at a time. Sometimes he even can sit down by himself. And than get up again. What can I say? I wish I could learn at least at one tenth of his speed.

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  1. It seams that he is a great kid. And unlike some things atleast he can actually stand up in less than 2 secs, whereas I don’t think the new windows will boot up anyway near that time frame. :)

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