The Man

The Man (2005)I’m not even sure I picked “The Man” up because of Samuel Jackson starring in it. Most probably it was just a random choice.

Directed by: Les Mayfield
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Eugene Levy, Luke Goss, Miguel Ferrer, Susie Essman, Anthony Mackie, Gigi Rice, Rachael Crawford, Philip Akin, Christopher Murray, Joel S. Keller, John Hemphill, Kathryn Greenwood, Carrie Cain-Sparks, George Ghali
IMDB raintg: 4.9
My rating: 2.0 [rate 2.0]

This movie sucked big time. It was very unoriginal, very predictable, and very boring. There was not one good moment that I haven’t seen in at least ten other movies. It was a typical situational comedy with an innocent guy mixed up in a weapons deal. This innocent guy was a complete opposite from the agent who was investigating the crime. At the beginning they couldn’t stand each other, but their relationship improves greatly towards the end. And they are telling all the old jokes along the way.

This movie was so bad that it could have been greatly improved by just one thing. And I was waiting for it to come. I realized that the story wouldn’t be it thirty seconds after it started. The acting wasn’t promising either. About five minutes later I was hoping for anything to come – a soundtrack or maybe some interesting camera angles. But no. Nothing came. Oh, and I believe there was a special effort for this film to look as very low budget with all those action scenes.

The only good thing that comes to my mind is that the duration is 83 minutes including the long list of titles. If it was as long as most of the modern movies (2 hours plus) I would have to stop it.

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