Johnson Family Vacation

Johnson Family Vacation (2004)The problem with me is that I don’t finish things that I really should to. And on the opposite – I go all the way with stuff that I shouldn’t even be doing. That is probably why I picked up not one but two movies randomly today. And both from the bad movie lot. “Johnson Family Vacation” was the second.

Directed by: Christopher Erskin
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Cedric the Entertainer, Vanessa L. Williams, Solange Knowles, Bow Wow, Gabby Soleil, Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Harvey, Aloma Wright, Shari Headley, Jennifer Freeman, Philip Bolden, Rodney Perry, Christopher B. Duncan, Lorna Scott, Kevin P. Farley
IMDB raintg: 3.7
My rating: 2.5 [rate 2.5]

I tried to count all the jokes in this film and I think I even managed to, but I forgot the number. But don’t worry, it was for sure less than three. The good thing is that I can probably say that they were coming steady.

What the heck? I can understand the need to make a movie like this. Everyone might feel creative once in a while and everyone has to let it out. Some people draw, others dance, yet some others sing. Making movies is just of those ways to let creativity out.

But promoting a film like this, producing thousands of DVD copies, distributing it around the world – that’s just wrong. Ethics aside, I bet it wasn’t even commercially feasible. Gosh, I’m glad I got it cheap. Instead of buying a DVD or even watching it in the cinema, I rented it. And I still have the chance of talking Martin into money back for this crap.

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