Murphy’s Law is still at work

Murphy’s Law is still at work:

If anything can go wrong, it will.

Just when I thought I was finishing with integrating main LDAP parts (that includes installation, configuration and testing of LDAP server, deployment of LDAP cluster, development of all needed web interfaces, documenting everything, training other people to use the system, etc) into our network infrastructure at work, I get these news:

Red Hat Announces Directory Server

Trying to keep myself positive, I was thinking that Red Hat will make it into a commercial product available for its Enterprise Linux product series. The second I thought that, I get these news:

Fedora Directory Server Now Available to the Open Source Community

Oh, well. The only thing I’m happy with is that I already have a tested and developed system, while all those people who are planning to use Red Hat Directory Server will just start their journey. And, of course, LDAP being an open standard, I am at easy with the possibilities of further migrations.

P.S.: More informationa about the Directory Server is here.

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