Hiding lizard

Today I finally understood how biologists start off with their researches. They don’t do it in universities as other people. Instead they go for walks with their children. It’s been just a few days that I go in the municipal park with Maxim, but I’ve learned so much about lizzards that I’m starting to think it can be enough for a small project.

And today was particularly rich with lizard observations. I saw a lot of them. One caught an insect and ate it. Another one found a bunch of ants who were eating a dead bug. He scared the ants away and ate the bug himself. There was a sick lizard too. Or maybe he was dying or something. He stood in the middle of the road, breathing heavily, with an open mouth, and behaving very aggressively towards anything that approached him. He even tried to bite the wheels off Maxim’s pram. There was another lizard, who was obviously very young and curious. He lost his tail in one of his quests for information. There was a group of lizards sunbathing together. There was this other lizard hiding on the bench. And, sad as it might be, there was a dead lizard too.

I watched all these lizzard for about an hour or so. They got used to me and weren’t getting scared that easy. I made a few pictures too, of course. Fascinating little creatures!

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