Feed Map

I came across an excellent tool – FeedMap.net. It brings blogs (or RSS feeds) and maps together. One can add a site either with address fields or longitude/latitude location and FeedMap.net will generate a map to use on the site. It can also optionally show other bloggers in the region.

I just had some fun with the site, though it seems a bit buggy with often ‘Requst Timed Out’ errors. For some reason it also accepts only one coordinate for Cyprus – 35.1383828832779, 33.4352103269381 – which is a bit off for my case. It points to somewhere near Nicosia, Strovolos area.

I was also surpised to see that my blog was already submitted. I don’t know who did it, but to return the favour I added a few other blogs that I know the location of. Correcting the information is as easy as submitting the blog address with the new location information.

I’ve also included the BlogMap in my Blogroll page, so that I can easily find and use it.

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