Weight update

Before starting my excercises in the gym today, I measured my weight. Clocked in at 118 kilograms. Looks like I am moving in the right direction.

Less food, mood activities. Amin.

2 thoughts on “Weight update”

  1. Excellent start! I am also concerned about my weight which usually goes up while i’m in Cyprus and goes down while I’m in Russia. I manage to lose 10kg over the summer in Russia and then easily regain them during the winter in Cyprus. And it’s not like I go to the gym in Russia every day or eat much less food… It’s much more interesting for me to get out the house in Russia than in Cyprus. But then again I live in Nicosia, no sea or crazy tourist girls to chase here :( maybe it would be different if I lived in Limassol…

    Anyway I’m on 84 now from my usual 74 and I will be going to Russia very soon, so I’ll start a similar thread on my blog, maybe with pictures :) My target is going to be 10kg over 3 months, which shouldn’t be hard at all…

    I suggest you take pictures too and post them, could be good motivation… :)

    Anyway good luck!

  2. I thought about pictures, but then realized that they won’t much good except for scaring a lot of people off this site. :)

    Regarding Limassol, you are right. I am going for daily walks now along the seaside. I can’t imagine how I would do it if there was no sea – the city is too hot and boring. :)

    Good luck with your weight fight!

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