Any good RSS to email service around?

I am looking for a good RSS to email web service. I’ve tried a few but none of them satisfied my appetites yet. Here is what I want:

  • Single account, but several emails. I am using Gmail’s functionality for filtering things. I want some of my feeds to go to one email, and some to another email, and yet some to the third one, and so on. But I want to have an overview of what is going on, so a single account with the service is essential.
  • From/Subject editing. Most services that I’ve tried, use feed title for email’s From field, and item title for Subject field. This doesn’t work very well for me, as I am subscribed to a few feeds that will appear the same under this scheme. I should be able to specify manually both the From string and the Subject string.
  • One email per post vs. digest emails. To put it crystal clear, I don’t want digests. I want to have full control over what I save in my mail and what I delete. Digest emails pile up things that I don’t want saved.
  • Frequent updates. Many services suffer from delayed updates. Feeds should be checked every hour. Maximum tolerated delay is about three hours. If it takes any longer to notify me of news, than it’s simply not worth it. I’ll find out about the new from other sources.
  • UTF-8 support. Most of my content is in English, but I have a fair amount of feeds that bring Russia, German, and Greek stuff. I don’t want to see boxes with numbers or question marks instead of non-ASCII characters.

Bonus goes to the service which extends support for feeds from well-known web services, such as Flickr,, etc.

Any recommendations?

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