Get your passes for Cyprus Rally this year

Although passes for Cyprus Rally were sold every year, some people didn’t understand why they would need one. Spectator areas are usually big enough to fit anyone and Service Park does not provide enough entertainment for the masses to go. This year is differen though. reports in this news item:

The organisers of this year’s Cyprus Rally have unveiled a dedicated fan facility at one of the most popular spots on the event in a bid to avoid the crowd-congestion problems which forced the second run through the stage to be cancelled last year. The Kelephos Bridge area on Saturday’s SS8 and SS11 will now be pass-only.

The Kelephos Bridge section is one of several watersplashes on the Mediterranean island event, as the cars pass through a ford on the Diarizos River. Facilities at the new pass-only spectator area will feature up-to-date results, live stage commentary and merchandising stands. Tickets for the area must be purchased in advance and will come on a first-come, first-served basis.

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  1. I’ll get the complete set (pass, magazine, cap, etc) for 15 CYP. This pass is for all Special Stages and Service Park. Are you sure that you want the same? You can get per stage passes for as little as 1 CYP.

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