Starbucks caramel waffle

Starbucks caramel waffle

I was told this trick by one of the Starbucks employees. Place caramel waffle on the top of the cup with hot coffee. In a few moments, the heat from the coffee will melt the caramel, making the waffle even more delicious.

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  1. I am going to look for a waffle next time I go to Starbucks, we just had one open up here so I don’t know if I’ll be able to find them but I hope so.

  2. I work at the starbucks in Inglewood near Hollywood Park and we would always suggest this to our customers if we ever had them. But since many people never bought them, we don’t carry them anymore!!

  3. These things are dutch!!!!! How come you guys have them to? Did you know they are dutch…? We have them in like king size!! Very jummy and freshly made on the markets

  4. yvonne,

    I sort of learned that they are Dutch. After I tried them in Starbucks, I looked everywhere for them, and it turned out they are sold in many supermarkets (in the healthy products section).

    Yummy stuff :)

  5. Well it isn’t very healthy:P lots an lots of sugar…… We just sell them like cookies to go with the coffee… So they sell them all over the world…. That’s funny, as health products:D:D

  6. yvonne,

    probably we have a different variety then… the ones I buy are filled with honey, and waffles themselves aren’t sweet at all, which is not very noticeable because of the honey. :)

  7. I see so it’s a remake…. Syrupwaffles. Well you should try the dutch ones from the market once, when you’re in cold and rainy Holland one day, The’re really good!

  8. I’m dutch and those wafels are called Stroopwafels overhere. Unfortunatly the wafels that are sold in the states are a completely different product. If you ever come to Holland you should get a fresh wafel on the market :D!

  9. STROOPWAFEL! (stroop-vafel)
    YUM! lurve it! lub it! Loaf it!
    U should go 2 holland and try the newly baked stroopwafels! *drool*
    me gonna get 1 now, but when u have 2 much, they make your stomach go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (circle formation) xD

  10. Hello All,
    I live in the Monroe, MI area I have lived here a few years. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase these waffles (online or locally)? I visited the Washington, DC area and found them at those Starbucks. I would like to purchase them for my husband who is currently stationed in Afghanistan.
    Thanks, any help will be greatful… Lena

  11. Hi all

    We have these at the Fleet St Starbucks in London…chowing down on these is easily the highlight of my working week!

    After eating one I feel like I could take on the world.


  12. america has to steal and remake everything it seems. the least they could do is stick to the same ingredients and let it keep its original name (stroopwafel) since this is a dutch product. Its not healthy at all,its filled with sugar and has tons of calories,we sell em as cookies. You can buy them in every supermarket and also freshly made on markets. Then again,people seem to think that a cup of starbucks has less calories than a mcdonalds burger,which is a fable,it has just about asmuch calories :P
    I keep laughing my ass off everytime i see one of those healthjunkies slurping on a huge cup of starbucks,to stay ‘skinny’ instead of eating a healthy meal.

  13. Hey all, really funny to see these Waffles at Starbucks.. sadly I didn’t find them at Starbucks in Utrecht, Nld.

    Anyhow for you Yankees (or where you come from), one of the sites where you can order Dutch delights (or just in general Dutch food) is Directly linked to the English part, you can go to Good luck and remember not to eat too many, even if they’re filled with honey, it still is very bad for you ;)!

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