Moved to gvim

After years of using Vim, I recently moved to its graphical version – gvim. It turned out that things that I didn’t like about gvim are trivial to fix.

set guifont=Console
set guioptions-=m " No menu
set guioptions-=T " No toolbar
set guioptions+=c " Use console dialogs where possible

You’d probably want to read “:help guioptions” for more.

Now there is a greater variety of colorschemes to choose from, and, finally, I can have italic font for comments in the code – nothing beats that!

3 thoughts on “Moved to gvim”

  1. I am also using gVim for perl coding and have been putting considerable time every two months to get it configured to my needs. And I enjoy doing that (who doesn’t enjoy customizing Vim).

    My question would be : what are the settings you are using and what are your choices? May be if you can share your vimrc/color schemes etc.

    I have searched a lot on net and found some useful functions and wont mind sharing it either.

    — Enjoy Vimming.

  2. Jagmal,

    these days I am mostly writing PHP (yeah, I know), but back when I was coding a lot of Perl, I wrote this rather lengthy blog post on how to configure Vim for Perl Developers. It might be a bit outdated now, and the design is broken, since this blog moved a few times since then, but you might still find a few useful tips there.

    As for sharing my Vim configuration – I do need to do that, but I want to clean it up a bit. Right now my .vim/ folder is almost 2 MB and .vimrc file is approaching 6 KB, which is way more than most people would be interested going through. :)

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