Million Dollar Baby

I know it is hard to believe, but I actually had time to watch a movie today. “Million Dollar Baby” is one of the freshest items on my wishlist. It doesn’t mean though that I wanted to see it any less than any other movie on that list. And I am really glad I did. I even consider it to be one of the Top 10 movies that I have seen during the last 5 years or so.

IMDB rating: 8.3
My rating: 9.8
Celebrity highlights: directorship and production of Clint Eastwood. He also delivers an excellent performance as one of the lead roles in the film, where he starrs together with Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank.

Million Dollar Baby” might at first seem like yet another film about boxing. Don’t be mistaken. It is not your typical “raise, fall, and raise again” movie. By far. It has a much stronger story, with some real drama. Of course, the questions it asks has been asked before, but this time they are brought in from a really personal, very close perspective. The story telling is nice too. It is linear and chronological, but not from the “as things go” point of view. Very nice. Not to mention that Morgan Freeman has one of the most appealing movie voices and having him speaking behind the screen was really atmospherical.

There is plenty of good acting in this film. Actually, there are many people in it. Not crowds, but much more than just the main characters. And what is especially nice is that there is really good character development. Every person shown in the film is an individual with his own story. And stories are nice, with lots of details. And as we all know, details are very important to any story.

Great job has been done on the soundtrack. It is barely noticable and very atmospheric. It creates and helps with the moods during the course of the film. It also helps to define the changing pace of the movie.

Separately I would like to mention photography, camera, and lightworks. Frame compositions are outstanding and if it wasn’t for the story and the acting, I would be sitting there, printing out virtually every frame of the film. I also liked how deep shades were appropriately used. I might wish to watch the movie once again for purely aesthetic pleasure.

One of the strongest parts of the film is the end. Spoiling your experience I have to say that there is no happy ending. More to that, the ending surprised me. It wasn’t one of three that I was expecting.

I strongly suggest you watch this film. Especially so if you are a boxing fan. I, myself, will have to put some attention on Clint Eastwood‘s work, especially as producer and director.

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