One month

Maxim is one month old today. Unbelievable!

I told Olga that last month was the longest month of my life. She replied that probably my first month was longer. After considering the point for about two seconds, I have to agree with her. So many things happen to an infant during his first month in this world! Getting out, breathing, meeting a bunch of people, bathing, eating, crapping and peeing, moving, listening, sleeping in bed, wearing clothes, etc.

Don’t take me wrong – parents also have a tough deal to live through, but they are under a way smaller stress than the baby. (Probably it is a good thing that people don’t remember their first monthes.) Parents have to process a tonne of information too. Books, articles and granma advices about feeding, bathing, changing, walking and taking care of other needs of the baby. They have to change their way of life to welcome a new creature to this world. They have to pass through a number of psychological stages.

Anyway, one month is a real milestone for both the child and the parents. And I am extremely glad that we’ve reached it. It gives me confidence that we are not screwing everything up and that there are at least few things that Olga and I can take care of properly.

Off for the second month…

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