Quake III LAN party

Quake III LAN party

I spent most of yesterday in Nicosia, playing Quake III with a few guys.  It’s been a few years since the last time I attended a LAN party, so it was nice to see some familiar faces after all these years of playing online.

I was a bit surprised by the fact that more people turned up for the Quake 3 party than they did the last time.  I thought maybe with more games being released each year, Quake 3 community is getting smaller and weaker.  I was glad to see that it is not the case.  The game is still popular and there are plenty of both seasoned players and fresh meat.

After a few hours of Quaking we had some pizza and then, shortly, moved to a bar for a couple of pints, where we met some more people.  Overall we managed to have some really good fun and enjoyed ourselves.  As we always say, we should do it more often…

P.S.: Thanks to all who helped with the trip and the party.  In particular, my brother, who was driving, and snoop, who was hosting the event.

P.P.S.: If you haven’t yet clicked on the picture above, here are some more photos.

10 thoughts on “Quake III LAN party”

  1. It was fun, i enjoy it, the place was awesome… nice people… and old love, q3 :)
    we can do it again for more hours in few weeks with more people.

    don’t forget our online servers, everything is listed now on GC site http://www.Gamers-Cy.com and the new site in few.

    Thanks guys for coming!

  2. We’d easily come more often, but there is one tiny problem – it’s fun to have some beers after the party, but Nicosia is too far too drunk drive from. :)

    In any case, if you guys are making anything similar like yesterday, let me know and I’ll come. :)

  3. hey un4! long time no see :)

    Yeah, we still play once in a while. I still suck though. Mokh is here in Cyprus, but he got older and got himself another baby, so he doesn’t join us at all. But I see him once every few month.

    What’s up with you? What are you playing these days?

  4. Hey Leonid! Good to hear from you.
    I quit quake back in 2005 actually :) I’ve not played anything since then!

    Have you and mokh got msn? :)

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