Blogging anniversary

About one year ago I have installed Nucleus CMS and started blogging seriously. I haven’t missed a day. Every day during the last year I have posted at least one article. Sometimes I have posted as much as twelve!

I have learned a great deal about a number of topics. Mainly, of course, about blogging technology. I went from a total newbie level. I remember now how hard it was for me in the beginning to get ideas for postings. Than it became a routine. My writing got better. My vocabulary increased. Soon I had to introduce categories to maintain some order with the posts. Than I’ve learned about comments and comment SPAM. Than RSS feeds and blogrolling. That was really an eye openner. Than were trackbacks. Than a whole bunch of social software.

Daily blogging did wonders to the popularity of my website. I have jumped up in ranking tables of Google quiet a bit for a number of keywords. My posts were linked to from a number of high profile websites. My audience grew several times during this year. I am now getting about 1500 people daily. More than half of these are returning users.

My relationship with the Internet changed as well. It became closer to me. I became more open. I have learned myself better. I’ve got a better understanding of people on the Internet. I’ve discovered communities around topics that I have never thought existed.

Overall, blogging during the last year gave me much more than I ever thought it could have. I will surely continue the practice.

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