Tricking the baby

Usually, when Maxim is hungry, he is greedily jumping on to the tit and sucking it like there is no tomorrow. He behaves like this when there were three or four hours since the last feeding. Sometime though we feed him just after a couple of hours and his behaviour is totally different. He is not very hungry and can afford some time for food preparation. He is jently licking the nipple before sucking on to it. He moves a bit trying to find the most comfortable pose. Etc.

Today he wasn’t very at all hungry for his 8:00pm feeding. He ate a bit and started playing with the tit. He was taking it into his mouse, licking, and pulling it, but not sucking. When Olga would take the tit out he was crying immidiately. So Olga went for a little trick. She put Maxim in his usual feeding position, layed near him like she usually does, but instead of the breast she gave him the soother. You just have to see it! Maxim was sucking on to it, but there was no milk coming, so he was increasing his sucking speed and power while grumbling at the same time with the soother in his mouse. This was totally hilarious. Basically he wasn’t hungry but just wanted to suck on to something. 10 minutes was enough for him to realize that he wants a change of activity.

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