I am busy, yet I have too much time on my hands

Paradox – I am busy, but I decided that I have too much time on my hands. Actually, I didn’t specifically just decided it. What I decided was that I am going to do a couple of other projects, although I am already pretty occupied right now.

I have a reputation of a starter, you know. I enthusiastically start a lot of things. But I rarely finish them. In most cases, the moment I can imagine the end of a project, or the moment I fully understand how it works and how to implement it, I lose interest in it.

I am surrounded by zombie projects. Yet I will start two more.

The first one has something to do with podcasting. In fact, it has everything to do with podcasting. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently, and my inspiration was building up. I am going to do my own podcast. This will be mainly for two reasons – to improve my spoken English, and to teach me more about podcasting in general and sound editing in particular. And, the truth is, if I really want to do something – I don’t need any reasons to do it. And I want to podcast.

The second one is about photography. I decided that I became way too lazy with my photographic equipment and skills. I have to re-enthusiate myself. ‘Picture of the week’ project has been done, and I am not interested in another one. What I am interested instead is something similar, but different enough to get me focused. I will do a project on Cyprus (Limassol mostly) for which I’ll be taking pictures of people. Not only this will push me forward in my studies of photography, but it will teach me some psychology – street photography (and that’s what I am going to be doing) takes a lot of nerve. If you don’t believe me – try it yourself. Or ask any other photographer.

I am not starting any of these projects right now. I’ll need a day or two to think them over and decide what’s the best way to proceed.

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