Pity and pride

Maxim makes me have a lot of feelings and emotions throught the day every day. These are mostly new to me, so I’ll try to blog about them. This will help me understand myself better and might even provide some entertainment for you.

The most common feeling by now is pity. I feel enourmous pity when something is wrong with Maxim. When he has a running nose or when gases in the stomach give him pains or when he can’t go to sleep – all of these make me feel miserable. I would wish for anything to happen to anyone in the world, even to me, but not to him. Every time I try to cope with this pity thing and every time it gets all over me.

Today I’ve got a new feeling – a feeling of overwhelming pride. Maxim had pains because of the air bubles in his guts. He couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t calm down. He was in pain. I took him in my hands and was massaging his belly for about an hour. I gave him a sip or two of the special tea. I warmed him up a bit in my hands. He calmed down and fell asleep. He was comfortable. He felt good. I put him back to bed and he didn’t even wake up. When I saw him sleeping in the bed with a half smile on his face I felt a lot of pride. It was like I singlehandedly won the First and Second World Wars.

2 thoughts on “Pity and pride”

  1. hi, i am from the philippines..i dunno how i landed on your blogspot..am just browsing and found myself here..lol anyway..your boy is a cute little cherub..parenting is hard if you cannot cope..but it’s exciting and enjoyable..baby do experience alot of little setbacks in the early stage..a lot of changes in moods and behavior too..and it’s newly parents who are suffering if they are not patient enough..well i guess you just have to deal with it proud father..lol
    i’ve seen your photo bucket and it’s cool..nice time and happy bonding with your peers huh..i like the looks of hazard though..no recent pics of him lately? lol just asking..i enjoy your blogs and topics..i am a movie mongrel too..and i like the comments you give on them..you be safe always proud father and give my hugs to your little cherub and your wife olga..may the best dwells in your family.

  2. [1] Thanks for your kind words. I haven’t done any pictures of Hazard recently since I am preoccupied with my little son. He’ll grow up a bit, it will get warmer and we’ll go outside with Hazard and other people. I hope you’ll have enough patience until then. ;)

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