I am getting obsessed with my son. Yesterday I was looking at him straight for four hours. Today I did so for almost twelve. He was asleep most of this time, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Every time I blink I feel guilty for missing the moment of his life. In the evening I started worrying a bit that my behavior is not normal, but one of my friends with few kids’ experience told me that its totally normal and traditional. He also said that it will get worse. I suspect that he is right, because more I look at Maxim, more I want to look.

If you need an analogy to understand what I feel, try remembering the most picturous sunset that you have ever seen (you did see one, didn’t you?). Do you remember how beautiful it was? Do you remeber how you stopped whatever you have been doing trying to see it all and not miss a bit? Now freeze the time. That is approximately how I feel…

Updated from the clinic

Olga and Maxim

First full day in the fatherhood is over. I’ve learned a whole bunch of things today.

I am still pretty worried picking up Maxim, but I am building confidence fast. I’ve also feeded him from the bottle twice today. He seems to like it. The first time I did it, he looked at me very surprised and ate just a tiny bit. The second time though, he ate the whole bottle! Even the nurses were surprised when I brought back the empty bottle. There were plenty of milk – three of four times his normal intake he ate in one go. Nice!

I am also always around when they are changing his dipers. I am not touching it yet, but I observe. Maybe tomorrow I will try it. Don’t know.

We also tried to give him the breast today, but he doesn’t like it. Actually, he doesn’t seem to understand what it is and what it’s for. Maybe because it’s empty. Olga is still not allowed to drink any fluids, except that one cup of tea they gave her for the evening. Tomorrow she will start drinking water and tea, and maybe even eating. This should improve things in the “I am the dairy faery today” departent. We’ll see.

I am also trying to find my way around with the camera. It’s pretty dark when Maxim sleeps. Anyway, I am learning a few things there too.

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First thing that I’ve noticed in the morning was that I am growing wings. Just kidding. I was feeling some discomfort with few muscles on my back. Actually, I never knew I had those muscles. Reviewing the previous day and trying to understand what might have caused the discomfort, I realized that it is from holding the baby. Not that the baby is so heavy – not at all. Trust me, I can easily hold 3680 grams with either of my hands. But it is not just 3680 grams we are talking about here. These are the most prescious 3680 grams ever! So, when holding these, there’s an unbelievable amount of concentration (both physical and mental). But I didn’t notice it yesterday, while I was holding Max…

New category ‘Parenting’

I think that it is pretty obvious that I will have a lot to say about being a parent and about having a kid in the near future. Not to mix all these posts into the ‘Personal’ category, I am creating a new one – ‘Parenting’. Everything that I’ll have to say about being a parent and all baby stories will go there. All the links to parenting and baby sites that I will come across in the future will also go here.

Welcome to the world, Maxim Mamchenkov!

Olga and Maxim

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome my first son into this world. He was born today, February 23, 2005, at 12:56. Weighting as much as 3680 grams, he passed all the checks and looks and feels perfectly OK. “All systems are running”. Olga is getting well now after having the Caesarean section (for medical reasons).

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