Ali G, Innit

Watched “Ali G, Innit” on DVD.

IMDB rating: 7.8
My rating 6.8
Celebrity highlights: written, produced, and performed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Technically, this is not the movie but an episode of TV series. It is different in its form from the Ali G movies.

This episode, for example, looks like a number of short unrehearsed interviews. Even the humor is different. Here, Ali G is meeting with a number of people in UK (some of which are important, like MPs and ministers). He is trying to understand and educate his audience (pimps and rappers) about all sorts of problems in the world. Cultural and linguistic differences are the main part of his humor. It works very well sometimes. Two good examples I think are about “drunken feminism” when he is talking about alcohol and lesbian sex to the woman who is fighting for human rights and everything; and “black miners” when is asking why people in the mines are mostly black and, when answered that they aren’t, wondering why they paint themselves black to look like “black brothers”. A sight of the cool rapping guy in the middle of the farm begin told that eggs are actually coming out of chicken is yet another explosion.

He is good. What he needs though is to be more mean. He needs to ask more questions and he needs to push people in the corner. As he is, he basically is just offering a non-standard situation to the interviewee and shows if the person digs it or not.

Anyway, it provides good entertainment and I had few good laughs here and there. I have another two episodes that I’ll watch in the nearest future, so stay tuned for more reviews.

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