Mean Creek

Watched really dramatic film – “Mean Creek” on DVD.

IMDB rating: 7.3
My rating: 8.0
Celebrity highlights: few semi-famous kids, but noone heavyweight.

Mean Creek” is a drama. But it is not one of those love related dramas. This one is about kids.

A bunch of kids in school got pissed off by one guy, so they decided to play a prunk on him. They decided to call him on a boat trip, using birthday party of one of them as an excuse, and than strip him and make him go home naked. It didn’t go as planned though. The guy accidentally drowned. Yeah, imagine that. Now most of the kids wanted to tell to the police, but there was this one kid who was older and superior to them who suggested just hiding the body and keeping silence. That didn’t work all that good, athough they tried.

Now, the film is excellently done. It is very slow paced, sad, depressing and dramatic. The photography and sound were excellent. Kids did the good job of acting too.

What strikes me though is that the film is very scary. I mean there weren’t any scary scenes or anything. Even the body of the dead kid was shown briefly and nicely without any fear and disgust pushing. Still, when the film ended I felt scared. And the fear comes from realization of how easy something like what was just shown can happen to anyone. Memories of all sorts of stupid things that we used to do in high school come up on their own. What is even more scary is that not being a kid won’t necessarily save you from getting yourself in the mess like that. And there is nothing that you can just do to avoid it. Bad things happen to all sorts of different people. All you can do is just hope that you’ll get yourself an easier bunch of bad stuff. Woah.

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