Undercover Brother

Watching a lot of movies (as I do) can really pay off when identying them in the parodies. Today I had a lot of fun picking and guessing bits and pieces in “Undercover Brother” which references, spoofs, and features well over 60 films.

IMDB rating: 6.0
My rating: 6.0
Celebrity highlights: plenty of familiar faces that don’t bring back any memories of names. Except, of course, for the brief appearence of James Brown.

Undercover Brother” is yet another flick that tries to mention each and every other movie on the planet Earth. Spy movies, kung fu movies (-KNOCK KNOCK. -Who’s there? -Kung -Kung who? ***SLAM*** The door brakes. -Kung fu!), love movies, war movies, action movies – anything works here.

I wish there were more jokes (as always). Those which were there were mostly funny.

Overall, not something that you would miss if you haven’t seen it, but something that you don’t regret the time of spending on it. Get on DVD from the rentals to save yourself few bucks from the movie ticket.

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