Fedora Linux ships, among many, a very useful utility – diskcheck. This RPM installs only two files:

  • /etc/diskcheck.conf – small and asimple configuration file for the script
  • /etc/cron.hourly/diskcheck – the script itself

diskchek periodically (hourly, by default) checks free space on all partitions and sends a notification email to the administrator (root) reporting any partitions with less than 10% of free disk space. If all paritions have enough disk space it will just keep silent. Which partitions to check/skip, how much free disk space to consider as a warning point, and where to send the email – all of these can be easily tuned via the configuration file.

This tool, while being extremely small, provides a great service – proactive notification. Thing like this can solve lots and lots of headaches while troubleshooting strange behaviours.

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