The tricky question

I was reading this post (NOTE: not for kids) by Joe Rogan. He asks the old questions and pretty much repeast everything I’ve heard before. But while reading his post, a thought crossed my mind…

Imagine that you are the one who has been offered 10 billion dollars to have one hour of gay sex. Exactly the type of dude he is talking in that post. But there is one small condition. If you would like it and, say, will try to have another gay experience ever, you will have to give away all that money. And than you have that hour and you like it. More than that, you are totally blown away and feel that your life is finally complete and you just realised who you are. The situation you find yourself in is to either give all your earned money away and have as much gay sex as you wish, or to enjoy the money and never have the greatest pleasure of yours. What would you do? I mean giving away all the money seems logical, since it will end you up at the level you were before that one hour of gay sex. You’ll still have your job and will still have to make your living. On the other hand you don’t have to work ever. Your life, your family lives, your friends’ lives are all totally filled with every possible pleasure, except for one that you desire most. That sounds like a lifetime torture to me. What about you?

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