Big Fat Liar

No, I am not talking about myself this time. I am talking about a film – “Big Fat Liar“. We watched this one with Martin this time. It is a really hiliarious comedy which not only makes you laugh your belly off, but massages a few serious issues. Issues like: parents should watch over the children, lying is bad, and, most importantly: Don’t mess with kids. Ever. Period.. Seriously.

On the film wave, I’d like to point out excellent acting by everyone, particularly by Frankie Muniz and Paul Giamatti. Frankie Muniz mixed together with events in the movie was making me wonder all the time – where is Ashton Kutcher? Really, everything was so “Punk’d“!

Also, this film touches upon an amazing number of other movies. It parodies some, and references the other. But it’s not like in a regular parody where you see parody becaue it is so obvious. No. Here you have just hints and bits of other movies. If you haven’t seem them, it is still funny and makes sense for you. But if you have, it’s like a total new level of fun.

What more? I rarely mention the make-up. This film used a whole bunch of it and it was really impressive. Blue skinned Paul Giamatti with red hair was totally amazing. I guess he had to do like 6 hour make-up sessions or something like that.

On the downsides, I wish there were more character development. Basically, only the two main characters are well done. Everyone else is just a mess and a few ideas. Also, some untemplated twist to the story would be nice. They say that there are only 14 scripts in Hollywood. I think I am starting to forget the 4. Get something new! Put some risk in it!

Anyway, the film got me with a lot of fun. Thus 7 out of 10.

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