The Truth About Cats & Dogs

I have finally did something that I should have done a long time ago. I’ve watched a movie with Uma Thurman that has nothing to do with Quentin Tarantino (or at least to my knowledge). I am glad I did it. The star union of Quentin and Uma is well known and needs no introduction. I have also seen plenty of Quentin’s work. Uma, on the other hand, hasn’t recieved a respectable amount of my attention (when she is alone that is). She is a star on her own. She can act, she can sparkle and she “digs it”. I’ll be watching more of her.

The film I’ve seen this time is “The Truth About Cats & Dogs“. It is a an excellent romantic comedy with the usual love triangle, friendship, and not so usual animals. The film is very kind, light, and relaxing. It entertains and when its done, all you have is this good feeling about world in general and life in particular being totally balanced.

The story could have been better or fresher. There weren’t anything in the stunt or special effects departments, but there was something cooking in the dialogue section. I think its about time Audrey Wells appears on IMDB, so if you are hiding one, please upload.


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