I Capture the Castle

Watched “I Capture the Castle“. It is an interesting, romantic drama, which is not like all the others. Note though that you might need to put up an effort to get through the first third of the film or so. It is very slow opening, but an a really excellent film afterwards. It is also very emotional and thought provoking.

The make of the film forced me to think of the conflict. When I see modern films about old times I seem not to be satisfied by anything. If there are any attributes of the modern filmmaking in the movie, like bright colors, mobile camera work and good lighting, it keeps breaking my mood. I notice these things and the film loses. On the other hand, if the film is properly done as an old one, I don’t have any eye candies. Instead I keep seeing “old mistakes” and again the pleasure is gone. This conflict of mine does not allow me to properly enjoy films about times past. Thus, the only way I can enjoy such a movie is if the movie is really good with the story and characters. It carries me away than and I don’t see it is a movie anymore. I am all inside.

Well, with “I Capture the Castle” I managed to think about my attitudes and feelings and still enjoy the film. That is because I had enough time to think things over while it was slowly unfolding in the beginning. Later though I was carried away.

8 out of 10, for I really enjoyed it and for I cannot let the film that helped me to understand myself better go with lower rating.

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