Antwone Fisher

Watch an excellent film on DVD – “Antwone Fisher“. This is a must see for all people who are having sex in general, and want to have children in particular.

The movie is based on the book by Antwone Fisher, which he wrote about his life. He also co-produces this film together with Denzel Washington. And although disclaimer at the end of the movie states that some of the events are fictional, they could very well happen in real life. And probably they did happen to many people out there.

Anyway, the film is about the life of one guy who serves in the US navy. He was sent to psychiatrist (played by Denzel Washington) for a check after yet another incident of his violent behavior. It turned out that he had a pretty tough life prior to the navy. He was born in prison, his father was already two month dead, he went to the orphanage, than he was adapted, than he was abused and bitten a lot, and so forth and so on.

This film excellently shows how behavior of adults affects the child. The movie was deep and showed how complex some roots of our behavior really are. It also showed how important love, caring, and family are to people. Not only kids, but adults too.

Excellent performance by all of the cast, great directing, nice music, camera work, photography, story, and pace all make it a very strong movie. Strongly recommended with a 9 out of 10 rating on my side.

P.S.: Oh, and seems that I wasn’t the only one crying when the closing credits started rolling.

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