Which one is it?

I’m always confusing these two:

1. I wish I had more blogging friends.
2. I wish I had more friends blogging.

I guess, it’s the second one. Yeah…

4 thoughts on “Which one is it?”

  1. Pretty much the same but I’d prefer 1st one because it gives you an option to have more friends, while the second one just suggests to convert more of your friends to computer psychos.

  2. Oh, well. I guess I already have enough friends. And most of them are already “computer psychos”. So I don’t see why so few of them blog. And why those few that blog, blog so rarely. :)

  3. Lev,

    As much as I enjoy reading my own blog too, I still prefer reading others’. And I like when everyone’s post link to everyone else’s posts. Probably that’s a spider in me talking. :)

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