Day in brief – 2011-11-16

  • @forecast I'd love to see forecasts for my friends in selected location (or my current city) for today-tomorrow. I'll manage the rest :) #
  • @timdetone LOL :) It says that my godfather is @wordpress . I wonder if there is a way to see by godbrothers and godsisters. :) #
  • @KarthikDot Yeah, like they will find it on Twitter. :) #
  • @KarthikDot Reminds me of "According to our online survey, 100% of people have and use Internet" :) #
  • @timdetone That's very well might be. :) I don't think the 'referrer' for the registration is available through the API… #
  • I am sitting at my desk for almost an hour now, staring into the screens, trying to remember what I forgot. COFFEE!!! :) #
  • It's only 11am, but I'm hungry already. Wouldn't say no to a huge English breakfast. Too bad will probably have to settle for a sandwich. #
  • New note : Sunsky – Electronics wholesale from China #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video T IS FOR TOILET [The ABCs of death] #
  • @davewiner Is there (even a combined) enemy that can spend even half that much to attack? Why the defense then? #
  • New note : Theme Fuse – Original Premium WordPress Themes #
  • Tool: URL Builder – Analytics Help #
  • G+: Glafcos Clerides is one of my favorite political characters. #

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