Olga and I went to see “Cellular” in the movies today.

The movie turned out to be a disappointment. I was waiting for it because it had a potential, I thought after viewing a trailer and reading some more about it. The disappointment came from the movie getting almost everything right. The only BIG thing which was messed up was casting. Both Kim Basinger and Chris Evans were demonstrating absolute lack of talant, will, and grasp with reality and common sense. They tried everything they could to make audience hate this film. And we (audience) almost did. If it wasn’t for the efforts of William Macy and Jason Statham. Especially Jason. He was playing a bad guy, a dirty cop. And he wasn’t a crook like he was in “Snatch.“. This time he was really bad. And he even got me scared a couple of times through the course of the movie.

In short: the story was good, soundtrack was appropriate but not outstanding, casting failed miserably with two main characters and that spoiled the movie beyond the unbelievable. You might be interested in getting it on DVD, but don’t spend your hard earned cash at the cinema.
5 out of 10.

P.S.: Oh, and the lawyer guy was outstanding! His face does not seem familiar, but he will probably be discovered big time via a couple of episodes from this film.

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