BLOG:CMS 3.5 Final is out

By means of I’ve learned that BLOC:CMS (NucleusCMS on steroids) version 3.5 Final came out. It has an amazing set of new features and bug fixes. Here is a quote from Freshmeat announcement:

This release adds support for MySQL 4.0 (mysql), MySQL 4.1 (mysqli), and SQLite (PHP5). An integrated Dokuwiki engine was added. Singapore Photo Gallery, PunBB Forum, Atom and RSS readers and aggregators, an “About me/Contact” section, two WYSIWYG editors, and new support for sub-categories were added.

I will hold my urge to upgrade, since it has barely been half a year since I’ve installed the whole thing. I don’t want to lose a week or two now playing with new features, configuring and reconfiguring stuff, etc. I doubt though that I will be able to skip two versions in a row…

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