Olga and I watched “Tempo” on DVD. You probably haven’t even heard about this film. It is not that popular on IMDB. I even had to get the picture from Amazon DVD collection. Anyway, it’s not that well-known and there are reasons for this.

The movie sucks. It has a nice story and an excellent production (everything shot in Paris, great camera work, excellent lights, and glueing shots). Even acting is more or less OK. But it is unbelievably unfullfilling. Good story is told in a bad way. Very simplistic and transparent. No details. Lots of stupidity. I think I’ve said “Is she stupid?” and “What are they doing?” about a two hundred times during the course of the film. Lots of nonsense that is.

Did I say it was unfulfilling? Well, I’ll explain that. Although the movie lasts 85 minutes (which is pretty much close to the average), it feels like it is about 40 minutes long. When it ends, you go like “And that’s it? What’s the point? Eh…”.

I am rating it as 4 out of 10 for some visual pleasure. But not a point more. Skip this one. Unless you are stoned or something.

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