DopeWars game gathers momentum

There were a lot of developments in the DopeWars game since yesterday.

First of all, my cartel is growing larger now. It has 6 people currently. Here are the members:

  • Leonid Mamchenkov (me, TVSET)
  • Olga Mamchenkova (ironic)
  • Alexander Mamchenkov (AlexM)
  • Lev Shuvalov (lev)
  • Nicos Christodoulou (nichri)
  • Andrey Shvachko (Jerry Thrillah)

Total worth of cartel at the moment of this writing is a bit over $2,000,000 (exactly: $2,331,138 ). All members of the cartel got themselves familiar with the game interface and strategies. There are few useful discussions in the cartel forum (via game interface).

Secondly, we do succed in coming up the food chain. Cartel “greekdruglords” has been pushed far down by mostly me and Olga. And there is a major cartel war coming up with “Young Bloodz”. They are pretty scattered across the ranking table and mostly have members above us. But we will use them as our practice material, to polish our teamwork and strategic skills.

Anyway, if you are interested, please do join – we have plenty of vacancies. The earlier you will come in, the easier our path to victory will be. DopeWars website, game A8, cartel “Crazy Cypriots” (#49). See you there…

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