The Hunt for Red October

Watched “The Hunt for Red October” on DVD. It is an old one, but somehow I missed it.

There are a number of movies about submarines and submarine fights. This is one of them. It is pretty good as the others. I haven’t seen any submarine movie that sucked. Likewise I haven’t seen any submarine movie that blew me away.

It has everything other movies have: lots and lots of submarine internals, some shots of submarines from outside, ships, airplanes and helicopters, torpedos and what not. Captains try to trick each other in the same way, dodging bullets torpedos, changing directions, switching off engines and maintaing radio silence. This movie misses nothing. It even adds something to the mix. Actually not somthing, but somebody. Sean Connery. He is a captain of one of the Russian submarines. But his Russian sucks. Not that I blame him though (even my Russian suck).

I wish this film had something original. Or at least more action to compensate. Also, I am not the fan of usual mixture of English language with Russian. I think that it should be either done properly or not done at all. Otherwise it is very depressing. Oh, and I also have my doubts about smoking in the submarine…

Anyway, this is a good 6-6.5 out of 10 movie. Watch it if you are submarine fan. You’ll enjoy it.

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