Backpains and lack of sleep resolved.

I’ve had some really annoying pains in the upper back for the last few days. I also couldn’t sleep too well. I couldn’t think of any major changes in my life that could have caused these inconveniences. After I couldn’t think of anything major, I started to think about minors. Slowly-slowly I started to suspect my new pillow. Olga and I bought two new pillows about a month ago. They feel great and all.

Yesterday, I changed my pillow back to the old one… I’ve slept 10 hours in a row. Deep and strong, as a baby. I’ve also woke up as brand new. No pains at all. Very well rested. Good mood and stuff.

I was a bit puzzled at first. I thought that if the pillow was bad I would feel it within a day night or two. It seems I was wrong. Minor things accumulate and build up. Three weeks later I started to have pains. They grew stronger every day.

I will stay with my old pillow for now. I am writing this down for the future reference. If I will ever start to have back pains, I should be looking at minor changed too.

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