Rocked a bit

Today I went to “Stork” again with some friends of mine. There was yet another hard rock party. It wasn’t as good as the last time, but it was pretty good anyway. There were enough of both old songs – those that I hear on every rock party, and news songs – old songs, but that I really hear. One of the new songs that really brought up a few good memories was “Another brick in the wall” from Pink Floyd. Among the old ones was an excellently performed “Smoke on the water” from Deep Purple. And yes, it was good even considering the fact that I am among those lucky ones who can compare it to the original.

Although I enjoyed the concert, the atmosphere wasn’t moving enough for me to jump around like a crazy horse and shout like a wounded elephant. Not to worry though. Kakomalis Amateur Song Festival (aka KSP) is coming soon. So far it is expected on November 12th, which is only a couple of weeks away. There I will tear my throat to pieces and abuse my muscles to the point of no return. Again. Yeah. Rock on!

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