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Maxim is still learning one or two things every day. He progressed to the point when he can repeat pretty much anything we do or say. When he picks up a new move or a new word he repeats it over and over again until he forgets it.

Now he can easily manipulate items with both hands. Sometimes he would play the speed game. He would take an item, like a book or a small toy, with one hand than quickly pass it to his other hand, than back, and than back again, and so and so forth for about five minutes. That one is really fun to watch.

Another discover he made recently are cupboard doors. These appear like a fascinating creatures. I bet that no adult would find so many ways to entertain himself with the thing as simple as a cupboard door. I have to mention here, that Maxim haven’t yet found out that he could actually open the door. No. He started with banging his head straight into them. Than he discovered handles, which apparently are excellently designed for sucking and licking, no matter shape or color. This is really hilarious. He uses the handle to pull himself up into a standing position. Than he puts the handle into his mouth, but he has nothing to hold anymore. So he stands there, like at the wall with his mouth full. I laugh every time when I see this.

And very recently, he also realized that he could bang doors. That one is not a lot of fun for Olga and me, but we don’t interfere as he likes it so much. He just grabs the door handle and than starts to rock back and forward. This causes the door to open slightly and than slam back with the noise of the flying catt├É┬Árpillar.

Maxim now moves much than ever before. He both crawls and walks holding something. He feels more confident with all his moves. So much more confident in fact, that he thinks that it is OK to move the support that prevents him from falling. If he holds onto a chair, he moves the chair. If that’s a toy box, he moves the toy box. Little mover. Sokoban.

There are, of course, more of little things that don’t matter so much. Once in a while he develops a small skill into something that amazes both Olga and myself. When that happens, I blog. Usually.

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