One hour

Tic-tac-tic-tac… Where is that one hour?

This is just a quick reminder to check your watch. Today is the last Sunday of October, which means we are going one hour back in time. It was 4:00am and then it went back to 3:00am. The winter time is here.

2 thoughts on “One hour”

  1. My digital radio controlled alarm clock ajusted itself automatically. My radio controlled wall clock did too. My computer and PDA did too. My mobile phones ajusted themselves during their next sync with PC. Had to correct my wrist watch manually though – haven’t changed them to radio controlled ones yet :)

  2. True, most of the equipment that has clocks these days adjusts itself. The biggest problem that I experience every time is with one device which I have yet to see integrated with radio control – my brain. :)

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