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Leonid. Self portrait.Today’s assignment was to use a different camera. Something that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. In fact, the less control – the better. The only other camera except my Digital Rebel that I have is the small and weak thingy on SonyEricsson P800.

I’ve made a total of 5 images and 3 are more-or-less OK. One is outstanding – my self portrait. It just has all there is to the snapshot with a crapy camera. I love it.

The album for today is here.

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  1. [1] Most lights have a color. Human eye quickly adopts to it and does not see. The photo camera is different though. In order to have correct colors, most cameras allow to adjust white color balance. But not all. Or sometimes people are too lazy to adjust it. When it happens, colors get mixed up.

    Yellow is the color of the usual tungsten lamp.

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