Day in brief – 2011-10-20

  • I can't understand people who demand search in their calendar app. My calendar consists of "Pet the cat" repeated every Thursday. Search? #
  • I've tweaked #MySQL on my #VPS so much that it now eats way more memory than it should. Trying to solve with the stock my-medium.cnf . :) #
  • Sometimes I feel that all my friends are freaking alcoholics. But more often I feel that I am the only alcoholic among my friends. #
  • @jppmarketing I have way more respect for what Google does than what most SEO people do. From this perspective reactions seem pathetic. :) #
  • @jppmarketing Google said that they will provide top 1,000 search keywords/phrases via Webmaster Tools. That should sufficient, I think. #
  • @jppmarketing Historic data and segmentation can solved with custom variables, I think. At least partially. #
  • Shared: Matt: Programming and Writing #
  • Shopping is not the worst way to fight boredom, but it's probably the most expensive one. Yesterday's Amazon order has been shipped… #
  • Blogging is my other weapon against boredom. But it annoys other people. Nobody expects Spanish Inquisition and 10 posts a day on my blog. #
  • When I try not to blog too much, I tweet. There must be a reason why they call this microblogging. :) #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video ULTra PRT sustainable transit 2 #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video Introducing the DROID RAZR by Motorola #
  • Thanks to my blog archives, I know for sure that this is not the first time I have a boring and slow day on October 20 #
  • @photomatt Automattic became domain registrar a year ago. Were there any further developments in that area? #
  • Hands-Only CPR – Create Your Own Hands Symphony #
  • @photomatt Did I miss something or you haven't announced it yet? :) #
  • I'm at The Ship Inn w/ @alex_mamchenkov #
  • I've seen 3 episodes of House's new season so far. It's crap. Same goes for 5 episodes of Two and a half men. Pity. #

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