Mr. Nice Guy

I’ve just watched yet another Jackie Chan movie – “Mr. Nice Guy” (known also under a few other titles). It’s a bit old, but works nicely as many other Chan’s movies.

The dialogs are strange. The movie is American, but all the dialogs sound like they are from Chinese action. Most of the sentances are stating the obvious in unusual words. The characters also behave like they are from Chinese flicks – make funny faces, spread legs while running, and fight excellent kung-fu.

The story is a bit boring, undetailed and underdeveloped, but lots and lots of action compensate for that. Jackie is fighting his usual style while utilizing anything that comes handy. He also utilized a megahuge truck for the final fight. That rocked you know.

Overall, I’ll rate this as a solid 6 out of 10. Good entertainment if you like this kind of movies.

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