Signed up with BlogLines

I have set up myself an account with This is one of those excellent new services that help to deal with the amount of sites (and blogs therefor) a civilized human being processes every day. What you do is create yourself an account and subscribe to lots of feeds (RSS/Atom/whatever). Whenever there is an update in any of your feeds, you are notified by any way of your choice. You can get titles, just summaries, or complete articles from your feeds straight into BlogLines interface. Basically, this is like the usual RSS aggregator, but online.

The good part about it, is that notification programs (tiny bits) are available for about everything there is – Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/KDE, web applications, and whatever else. The API is also open, standard, and accesible. You can integrate your feeds to any of your applications. There are perl, python, and ruby modules available. And much more.

Another good thing is that you can share all or part of your feeds for others to see. This helps in exchanging good links without the need of notifying everyone every time. People at BlogLines took this even further. They have created a huge database of feeds which you can search for topics, phrases, interests, etc. They even suggest you feeds based on your current subscriptions. That’s pretty cool. Never will you ever have a time with nothing to read any more.

Those who still don’t have a blog, can use BlogLines for blogging too. These all is very tightly and nicely integrated. My BlogLine blog even has a nice URL: Of course, I won’t be needing that functionality for now, but who knows what’s coming.

And, of course, these all is free.

I suggest you go sign-up too!

P.S.: My public feeds are shared at

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