Olga and I just watched “Shaft” on DVD. This is a very classy action. The story is kind of predictable, but in the cop movies, I guess, it always is. Goes with the genre probably.

Anyway, this movie has everything a good crime movie must have – a bad ass cop (played by Samuel Jackson, and we all know who he is from his wallet in Pulp Fiction), nasty criminals, lots of car chases, gun fights and lots of cool talk. It’s all in there. And what I like most is that the makers of the film know that they’ve got everything right. They don’t hurry trying to finish up with the movie since they’ve got your money. Nope. No, sir. They take you through it slowly, so that you could appreciate all the details. Great work!

I’d say that this film is easily worth an 8 out of 10. And I was not in the mood for it! Get it and watch it – excellent entertainment for those who like good action and cop movies.

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